Wednesday, May 14

Convenience: Fiber Bars

We're on the open road, currently regrouping just outside of Nashville, Tennessee. I wish this post could highlight the joys of Maker's Mark bourbon, since we were scheduled to tour the distillery earlier today, but after a series of unfortunate events and bad luck/karma we had to settle for a shot of Maker's Mark out of a plastic beer cup in a smoky bar 1/2 mile down the road.

I'll get to the Maker's Mark post someday, but in the meantime here's a shout-out to the food product that kept us going through our tribulations: Gnu Food High Fiber Bars.

Gnu bars are made from 100% natural ingredients, including organic whole wheat flour, oats, wheat bran, psyllium, flax and millet. Unlike many other car-friendly snacks-in-a-wrapper, these bars are soft, moist, slightly chewy, and full of flavor. And one Gnu bar provides nearly 50% of your RDA of fiber!

At this point my cohort is sort of over the fiber bars -- which is a good thing since there are only two left! The peanut butter flavor was my favorite, with the cinnamon raisin at a close second. Once those run out we're relying on trail mix and cold s'more mixings.

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Rob said...

GNU are good, but have you tried the Kardea Wellness bar. 7g protein, 7g fiber, lower glycemic sweetening approach (agave, brown rice syrup, fiber from oats, psyllium and acacia). Two are vegan, all 4 are vegetarian, designed to enable a heart health, cholesterol managing lifestyle. Glad to send you a taste sample--email at


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