Monday, June 9

Road Trip By the Alphabet

A - Asparagus soup - Pittsburgh, PA

B - Bumbleberry Pie - Bryce Canyon, Utah
[Honorable mentions for Beer, Buffets, Biscuits, Bourbon, and Bananas/Frozen)

C - Cheese! - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
[Honorable mention: Croissants - Fort Worth, Texas]

D - Dried mangoes with chili - Trader Joe's, Santa Fe, NM

E - Enchiladas - Denton, TX

F - Fry bread with honey - Santa Fe, NM

G - Goat-cheese stuffed piquillo peppers with caviar - Santa Fe, NM
[Honorable mentions: Grits; Green chili sauce]

H - Huevos Rancheros, and Habaneros. - The Southwest

I - Italian ice - A very hot day in Texas

J - Jalapenos - Raw, fried, pickled, canned, stuffed, chopped, or pureed

K - Ketchup! - On everything fried, grilled, breaded, battered, scrambled, roasted, or corn-based.

L - Lychee wine - Thai Tapas Bar; Pittsburgh, PA

M - Maple Syrup
[Honorable mentions to: Margaritas, Marinated mushrooms, Mexican pastries, and one truly incredible BBQ Mushroom burger in Memphis]

N - Nashville's best (vegetarian) barbecue sauce

O - Okra, fried - Memphis, TN

P - Peanut butter picnic - Little Rock, AK

Q - Quesadillas - Fort Worth, TX

R - Red beans and rice - Nashville, TN -- yes, they were vegetarian

S - S'mores!Campsite, rural West Virginia

T - Truffled french fries with stilton - Santa Fe, NM

U - Ubiquitous trail mix

V - Vegan hot dogs - Same campsite, West Virginia

W - Waffles - Waffle House; Amarillo, Texas

X - Xtra hot sauce, on everything - Anywhere.

Y - Yes we did drink a lot of beer. - Everywhere.
[Honorable mentions: Yellow raisins, yogurt pilfered from hostel]

Z - Zinfandel! - After I sent back the *white* Zinfandel in Santa Fe, NM

And the winner is....Santa Fe.


Rachel said...

Grits! Fried okra! Waffle House! oh my!

I miss the south! and you <3

Susan from Food Blogga said...

What a fun post! What did you end up having in San Diego?

David McDuff said...

Italian ice in Texas???

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