Thursday, July 31

By(e-bye) Trans Fat?

Last Friday, July 25, esteemed Governor Arnold Swarznegger passed a bill that prohibited California restaurants from using trans fats.  New York City, Seattle, parts of Maryland, and even my dear Philadelphia (former most-obese city in the country) have banned trans fats, but California is the first state to include restaurants under this sort of law.  

I remember NYC and Philly considering legislation like this, and people practically rioted.  Most notably, anyone and everyone who appreciated baked goods and the dear bakeries that peddle such delicacies protested the certain elimination of many beloved pastry products.  According to the article linked above, trans fats occur most commonly when vegetable oil is treated with hydrogen to prolong shelf life, particularly in baked and fried goods.  

Any thoughts on this?  Should the government have a say in what sorts of foods hit the shelves?  Is this legislation too narrow?  Do you think trans fats should be eliminated altogether?  

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penny said...

i decided that i think this is ridiculous. if the government wants people to make more informed food choices, they should create a better (new?) nutrition education in schools (I could go on...) instead of just banning trans-fat. this is not really solving anything. haven't we learned anything from prohibition?


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