Wednesday, November 26


It's a lazy Wednesday morning and while I should be memorizing the functions of the Stomach meridian I find myself nestled in borrowed boxers with a plate of leftover Chinese food in front of me with no desire to read about wind heat and borborygmus. Ladyfriend tried to make me one of her "delicious" green drink smoothies (frozen strawberries and bananas, protein powder, green..powder...of some nutritional sort, and almond milk), but I was having a distinct craving for leftover mu shu vegetables (I credit the midnight tequila, but that's subject matter for another post). Which reminded me of this draft of my gastronomic guilty pleasures.

I started this list months ago, before I had a real kitchen in San Francisco, and continued it through the days when memorizing muscle attachments took precedence over, say, purchasing produce. In the absence of free time I found myself taking shortcuts and falling back on my less sophisticated preferences. In fact, I distinctly remember pondering my Gastronomic Guilty Pleasures while sitting in a cafe that happened to be playing a (cough, country) song that falls into the category of Musical Guilty Pleasures. Hm. I'm also going to share that I seem to be falling for Ladyfriend, and even though this feels like an incredibly healthy dynamic it seems apropos to enumerate the less-than-healthy foods that I fall for every time.

* Leftover mu shu vegetables,
generally without the rice wrappers and potentially cold.

* Mayonnaise. I could practically eat it with a spoon, but I usually make myself scrape it off the spoon onto some sort of bread product and top with salt. Maybe tomatoes if I'm feeling lypocene-deficient.

* Spaghetti-O's. From the can. With the same spoon (see above).

* I know organic, natural peanut butter is delicious and nutritious, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a weak spot for super-processed sugar-laden peanut butter (chunky). Jar --> spoon/finger --> mouth --> stomach.

* Macaroni salad from the Safeway deli. This should probably be a subset of "mayonnaise" but I do feel it warrants it's own line.

* Onion dip. You know. Marie's? The stuff that's basically sour cream and artificial flavors? Yeah.

There. I said it. Don't judge.

What are your guilty (gastronomic) pleasures?


Ricki said...

Hmmmnnn. This is a tough one--I have so many ;). Chocolate bars, of course, and Garden of Eatin' guacamole corn chips. Then there are french fries (the real, fried, kind) with salt and ketchup. Sometimes I just eat chocolate chips straight from the bag. And while I'm on a roll, how about frosting? Straight from the can? (Though I have to admit I haven't done that one for a few years).

This is such a great time of year to be starting a new relationship--congrats, and enjoy! :)

Allison said...

Eggnog (the real stuff)
Frosting, sometimes...

Hm. I can't really think of many. You've heard my rant about 'guilty pleasures', though...right?

Fick said...

I ate an entire can of Chef Boyardee Mini-Raviolis right outta the can last night and it felt so good!

I am also a fan of mayo, slathered on tomatoes with some pepper, but only in summer, when you get the big beefy tomatoes.

Gina said...

Pie. All kinds, but especially Gizdich Ranch's Multi-Berry Apple thing. It's got a crumble topping.

Pizza. New York Style (sorry, Chicago Deep dish fans), big skinny greasy pieces. With pepperoni. Heartburn city.

Funnel cake. Nuff said.

Gina said...

p.s. Do you eat your leftover mushu with plum sauce or plain?

At Catalina I used to eat leftover mushu for breakfast on the bus.

Penny said...

i love it when you pose open-ended questions like these.

-chunky peanut butter (we're twins)
-i craaaaave street hot dogs (they smell so good), but never give in!
-baked goods of all varieties
-chocolate of all varieties
-cereal with clusters and stuff that you can dig around for

i'm making myself hungry. come now. make me nachos.

Weezie said...

augghhh, cmoore, why do you ask me these things?

-pretzel dogs from Auntie Anne's (total crap)
-leftover cold pasta with olive oil and Parmesan
-cheesesteak... absolutely smothered in cheese, mayo, and ketchup

oh lord i am so so hungry.


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