Monday, September 29

Tart and Juicy Something-or-Others

When I moved into my apartment in early August we were in the middle of a perfectly frigid San Francisco summer. I didn't leave the house without at least two thick layers, and I found myself drinking copious amounts of hot tea.

My godmother generously stocked my new abode with a bagful of lemons fresh from her backyard, and this juicer. I had never seen such a thing before (nor had I ever met a juicer I liked), but now that they're part of my kitchen lexicon I see them everywhere, working their magic one citrus at a time.

I take Bikram yoga, which is that crazy yoga practiced by crazy people in a heated room (supposedly 108 degrees is ideal, but I've definitely seen the febrile arm of the thermometer fervently wobbling to the 116 mark). This means I am thirsty, constantly. My favorite instructor in Philly could and would literally read my mind: during one of the more sweltering classes in the dead of a Philadelphia summer (NOT frigid), I had been fantasizing about the extra-tart glass of lemonade I was going to whip up at work as soon as I got out of class (sometimes working in a bar has it's advantages). Leo leaned over and whispered into my teetering bow pose, "Sometimes, I just think, 'Lemonade'."

When I am really thirsty -- and I mean really thirsty -- I crave tart. I'm sure there is a biological explanation for this reaction; in Bikram, the instructors sometimes advise us to squeeze a healthy dose of lemon juice into our water to help the recovery period and expedite the hydration process. For me, lemonade, limeade, kombucha -- even a particularly vinegary vinaigrette will do the trick. Tart: "Sharp or acid in taste"; "Dress or make oneself up in order to look attractive or eye-catching" (there's a third definition related to promiscuity, and a fourth involving pastry shell, but we'll ignore those for the time being). Something about that sharp, biting quality is alluring, even if laced with a hint of severity.

Back in San Francisco, exiting class to a foggy, windy sixty-degree day tended to waylay my cravings for tart, juicy something-or-others. Fortunately our Indian summer has finally made it's much-anticipated entrance, and we are enjoying ideal limeade weather. Hence, today's selection:

Dissolve one heaping teaspoon of honey in a pint glass with a bit of boiling water. Add the juice of three limes, and fill with ice. Top off with water (sparkling or still). Sip, slowly -- if you can gulp it down it isn't tart enough.


pb said...

we use those juicers to juice lemons all the time at home!

rachelef said...

That second photo is breathtaking, Court.

Katie K said...

Hey Courtney! Lol i discovered ur blog a little while ago and i've been lurking till now. seems like things are going well for you :D got any recommendations for yummy vegetarian stove-top meals? i don't have an oven here :(
~katie kronbergs

Queasy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
penny said...

yeah. your pictures are getting really good. or better. whatev. now come and cook for me.

cmoore said...

pb - and now I do, too! so handy.

rachelef - thank you :)

katie k - hello! I'm glad you've been lurking, and particularly glad to see your comment! stove-top meals...check out my earlier posts on one-pot pasta and the Harvest Grains blend from Trader Joe's. I also love dishes based on quinoa, and of course stir-fries are always great. Do you have a wok? Panini press? ...Where are you?? :)

Penny - whatev. how sweet.

Robin said...

Loving that second photo also. Great contrasts, and use of light.

Photo outing come December!

Anonymous said...

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