Monday, December 10

Beer, Beer, Beer

Knowing that at least a few fellow beer geeks peruse my un-vegan findings, I wanted to offer this link about BEER. I was searching for info on the American Eats segment on Beer, and the subsequent Modern Marvels episode on distilleries, when I came across these lovely beer-centric videos. Sadly, the Family Guy links don't work, but do check out my personal favorite: Beer Drinking Pig

I felt a twinge of guilt at straying from my not-quite-vegan theme, then I remembered that beer is actually the perfect example of a not-quite-vegan product! As a PSA, let me here note that most beers (and wines) are fined with egg whites or fish guts to reduce or remove the hazy quality and produce a clear, appetizing product. You can find unfined beer and wine, but the appearance and sediment are a detraction for many drinkers. Unwilling to give up my favorite beverages, I'll turn a blind eye towards the non-vegan fining products. Prost!


nancy said...

There's an interesting article in this month's Gourmet debunking the so-called charmed life of Kobe beef cattle. Allegedly, Kobe cows live the high life eating grass and other delicacies and washing it all down with Kirin lager.

Apparently, it's more akin to the force feeding of geese for foie gras, and the cattle are kept in fairly inhumane conditions.

The Debbie Downer of Animal Beer Drinking

Gina Marie said...

Hahahaha man does that pig like that beer. Yeesh!

cmoore said...

some people/restaurants actually try to claim that Kobe beef is *bathed* in Kirin. Idiots. I'm pretty strongly against inhumane conditions for animals, but don't you think this guy looks kind of happy? He sure sounds happy...


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