Sunday, December 16

Combining several recent posts...

On this typically domestic but atypically lazy Sunday, I spent several hours perusing online personals ads and eating whole-wheat fig bars. When these things failed to satisfy my heart and stomach, I turned towards the kitchen, just in time to notice my wonderful roommate whipping up some sort of culinary delight. I postponed my plans to saute kale and returned my attention to menu-planning for the holidays. Shortly after, there appeared on the stove a perfectly baked (and perfectly vegetarian) shepherd's pie, which was apparently almost as easy to make as it was to eat!

She combined vegan meat crumbles, frozen mixed vegetables, vegetable stock, and seasonings in a casserole dish. She topped this with instant mashed potatoes augmented with plenty of parmesan cheese, and baked it until it just started to brown. So good! And easy, and quick, and relatively nutritious (better than another few whole-wheat fig bars anyhow). Brava--next time I'll try making it myself.

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