Friday, April 25

Cherry Grove Farm Toma (Lawrenceville, New Jersey)

Served with apricot mustard

They say: "Cherry Grove is a 400-acre certified organic farm in central New Jersey (Lawrenceville is just north of Trenton). Harvest Toma is made with raw Jersey cow's milk. It is aged for two months, during which time the paste is brushed with olive oil. Their products are available at Reading Terminal Market."

Cmoore says: Luxuriously smooth, with a mild flavor cascading to a nutty, salty finish. Slightly bitter at the rind, but overall highly snackable.

Serving suggestions: Fruity light-bodied reds, like Pinot Noir or Gamay, will complement this cheese without overpowering it. It could tolerate a little bitterness, but no strong tannins or heavy hop; a Belgian IPA like De Raanke might work well.

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