Saturday, April 26

Fruit: Kiwi

Courtesy of guest contributor (and fruit aficionado) Allison from Nimoy! Creations.

Kiwifruit is amazingly yummy! & packed with nutrients. It is packed with Vitamin C & has a little less than the potassium of a banana. Not to mention the Vitamin E & Vitamin A! According to one study, it is the most nutrient dense fruit out there, followed by papaya & a third-place tie between mango & orange.

Kiwi also has a lot of actinidin, which is often used commerically as a meat tenderizer. But, it can be an allergen - people who have allergies to latex, pineapples, or papayas are often allergic to kiwi as well. This enzyme also breaks down dairy products & that’s why when it’s combined, it’s recommended to enjoy it right away.

Often my preferred method of eating a kiwi fruit is just to slice in half (as seen above) & dig in with a spoon. But if you’re slicing or are looking for something with a bit of class, check out this instructional video that shows how to painlessly remove the peel without harming the juicy insides.

So, next time you’re produce shopping, don’t be afraid of this slightly fuzzy little brown fruit. Eat as a snack, mix with other fruits, or use it as an interesting alternative in a salad!


Nancy said...

An interesting kiwi fact: when the fruits were first imported, they were called "Chinese gooseberries." They didn't sell -- at ALL -- until the name was changed to kiwi.

A sad kiwi fact: Italy is now the leading supplier of kiwi, ousting New Zealand from the top spot. Due to the dualing forces of globalization and year-round demand for produce, Italian kiwis are even shipped TO New Zealand, making their carbon footprint increasingly worrisome.

Rachel said...

I love kiwis!
I experience intense kiwi addictions in college. I would eat at least 1--usually 2 or 3--a day!

Allison said...

Yay kiwi :]

Gina said...


... although I think you already knew this, I am very allergic to kiwis as of only recently. But I have to say, even as a kid, I never got the kiwi thing - maybe it was the texture or the fuzzy outside, maybe it was the taste, but when I found out I was allergic I wasn't quite devastated. I mean, what do you DO with them, besides eat them straight? I guess they're good in Tarts...


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