Saturday, April 26

Sidebar Updates

I've been doing a little spring cleaning with my layout. Since I'm moving to San Francisco in (eep!) eleven days to start a Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine, I've weeded through my Philly links and removed a few of the restaurants. I did, however, add The Great Cheese Quest, which is a wonderful cheese blog by a Philly-based cheese aficionado, as well as McDuff's Food and Wine Trail, a highly informative site created by David McDuff of Moore Brothers wine importers. I had the opportunity to work a natural wines class with David, and the synopsis is still lingering as an unfinished draft, to be published someday relatively soon! I also added Phoodie Info since it's one of the top online foodie communities in Philadelphia.

I've bumped Philly down a spot, and added categories for Toronto and Down Under, since I seem to have affinities for bloggers in both parts of the world, and both geographical locations hold a special place in my heart. My best friend from high school is an Orange County native who just immigrated to Toronto, and I added a link to her craft blog, Nimoy! Creations. She does her fair share of awesome food posts, so one of these days I'm hoping to wrangle her into being a guest contributor for By Product. I lived in New Zealand for six months while I was studying massage therapy, and it's so exciting for me to find wonderful food blogs from down under, including Lucy's beautiful chronicle, Nourish Me.

I also added a category for "Eating Responsibly", which for me both entails sites that emphasize ethical eating as well as sites that discourage disordered eating. These include The Story of Stuff, which focuses on a 20 minute video that each and every one of you ought to go watch right this instant, and The F-Word, which is one of the best sites on disordered eating and cultural dysfunction that I have ever read (longer post on this coming up).

Moving down, I added Tom Cizauskas's awesome vegetarian-beer-blog, Yours for Good Fermentables, and the artisan cheese wonderland, Cheese by Hand. I also added the ever-popular Delicious Days and the dormant yet fabulous Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails (what a great idea!).

Finally, on the vegan front, I added Boston-based VeganYumYum, whose blog is always beautiful and whose recipes are always tasty, as well as Southern wonder Vegangelical, whose recipe for vegan pulled pork was nothing short of life-altering (another future post I've only begun to draft).

So there you have it! My next post will probably outline our itinerary (driving cross-country) and culinary aspirations for the trip and move. Have a great weekend everyone.


Penny said...

uhm, "culinary aspirations"? you mean eating only wasabi peas and trail mix for 3 weeks...? With the occasional bourbon ball, of course.

Allison said...

Woo, T.O.

I feel like we need to remember to have homemade poutine when you visit. That can be one culinary aspiration.

Lucy said...

Great new links to follow.

Eeek. 11 days? (Well, it must be closr to 10 or even 9 days now...)

Enjoy it. Am looking forward to your travels and to notes and ideas that flow on from the TCM course.

Good luck.

Ricki said...

Glad to be in the TO contingent! So many great new links to check out--thanks. And best of luck on the move and the studies (San Fran--so lucky!). Very interested to hear all about the TCM course.


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