Sunday, January 27

Jasper Hill "Constant Bliss" (Greensboro, VT)

Served with chamomile cranberries

They say: "The cheesemakers at Jasper Hill, brothers Andy and Mateo Kehler, showcase the sweet richness of their raw cow's milk in Constant Bliss. They make this cheese year-round. Each season, the cheese changes; the milk develops different flavors and textures from the varied yeasts and herbs in the grasses that the cows eat. Constant Bliss was a revolutionary war scout killed by a Native American in Greensboro, Vermont in 1781. He died with his friend Moses Sleeper, the name of Jasper Hill's newest and still developing bloomy-rinded cheese."

Cmoore says: My first thought tasting this cheese: grass. We've featured Constant Bliss before, but I don't remember all the grass and hay on the nose, evolving into vaguely barnyardy notes. Sweet and complex, this bloomy-rinded raw cow's milk cheese is complimented by the sweet complexity of cranberries poached in chamomile tea and our delectable local honey. The texture of the cheese is smooth and supple, though relatively dense compared to other cheeses we've placed in the "luscious" category. Again, a crisp and/or sparkling beverage will cut through the rich, sweet nature of this classic.

Suggested Pairings: Champagne, Sparking Rose, Pilsner, Farmhouse Ale

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