Monday, January 28

Tomme du Berger (Provence, France)

Served with porcini honeycomb

They say: "Two brothers came up with this mixed-milk cheese recipe: one had a goat dairy in Provence and the other had sheep in Corsica. It is now produced in Sardinia, shipped to Corsica and matured in Provence. "Berger" is French for shepherd. During the fall and winter, the cheesemakers use much more sheep's milk than goat's milk."

Cmoore says: A beefy, pungent tomme with a pleasant saline character and a sharp, funky finish. The porcini honeycomb balances out the moderately biting piquancy with an earthy sweetness. Excellent with riesling or similarly sweet/malty beverages.

Suggested Pairings: Riesling, Belgian wheat beer, Abbaye-style ale


cook eat FRET said...

just bought some today
huge wow

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

This tasted a bit over-the-top when sampled at Whole Foods, but I took the plunge anyhow. Getting it out of the plastic, cutting away the gritty rind and letting it air out for a couple of hours brought back that honest washed rind beefy/winey flavor, a bit funkadelic but soft (almost like a Serena) and yummy.

Anonymous said...

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