Sunday, January 13

More sidebar updates!

* I was desperately searching for a good recipe for braised artichokes when I stumbled across In Praise of Sardines, the food blog of an SF-based chef. He happens to be opening a restaurant in Noe Valley this summer, and I happen to be looking for a restaurant job in Noe Valley starting this summer. Interesting...

* A friend of a friend discovered Maggie Mudd, an SF-based purveyor of lactose-free frozen desserts. Swoon.

* While I'm explaining links I really think The Old Foodie deserves some attention. I quote,

From Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, The Old Foodie gives you 400 words each weekday on a topic related to the day, plus a historic recipe, and sometimes a menu. And how much fun is that!

(A lot of fun! Especially for the history buffs in our midst...)

* Finally, I added "Brewed in America" and "Modern Marvels: Distilleries" to my list of foodie films. Both are products of the beloved History Channel, and do an excellent job tracing the evolution of beer and distilled beverages, respectively. Possibly hard to find, but highly recommended.

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