Monday, February 25


I feel like I have finally made a real entrance into the food-blogging world, and as with all fun new things in my life it's turning into an obsession. In a good way? Here are some of the best food blogs I've run across, and am duly linking on the side bar -- I'm even adding a wine and beer section (come on, who didn't see that coming?)

_Still Life With, a great resource for anyone interested in food photography (looking or taking).

_Taste Spotting: My dear Allison always sends me the greatest links. I'm a sucker for pretty food photos, which is basically the entire layout of this site. It's also a great way to surf the network of food bloggers and share your own delights.

_Chocolate Shavings, artistically presented by Jenn, a Parisian studying at the French Culinary Institute in Montreal, and her boyfriend Oliver (I don't know how I mixed that up the first time around!).

_Cook Almost Anything At Least Once, an adventurous and pretty blog from down under.

_Eat NZ, a great portrayal of Kiwi cuisine via Chef Paul. Way to represent.

_Swirling Notions, on food and wine, and then a little more on wine.

_The Second Glass, "Your magazine for the new era of wine drinking." It's new-ish but doing great so far -- check out the front-page article on biodynamic wines.

_Musings Over a Pint, a pretty great blog on craft beer and a bit of foodie indulgence.

_Bigger Than Your Head, a fantastic overview of the wine world.

_Beer Blog with Roger Protz, a great way to stay up-to-date on the goings-on of the beer world.

_A Good Beer Blog. Need I say more?


David said...

Thanks for the mention. I've added a link to "By Product" in my "MORE BEER & FOOD LINKS" section.


Oliver said...


Thanks for the mention and great start on your blog! Actually, I run chocolateshavings with my girlfriend , my name is Oliver.

Nice to meet you, and I look forward to seeing your site evolve and grow!

fredric koeppel said...

Thanks for the mention of Bigger and for the link. good luck with your blog and have fun.

swirlingnotions said...

Thanks for the mention of Swirling Notions . . . I'll be adding YOU to my favorite list. Great to have you in the food (and wine, of course) blogging realm!


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