Wednesday, February 20

A Survey: What Do You Have to Have?

Risa needs a bottle of champagne in her refrigerator.

Perrin advocates an avocado in the house at all times.

Stu keeps our freezer stocked with veggie chicken nuggets/strips/cutlets.

I, myself, think of peanut butter as the world's most perfect and versatile food, and will always, always have a jar on hand.

I want to know: what one food product do you have to have in your kitchen?


Allison said...

As far as "real" things: pears.
or nuts.
or raisins.

Rachel said...

cheese cheese cheese.
at the least, cheddar and parmesan.

Right now I have ny cheddar, grated parmesan, pecorino romano, robusto aged gouda, and st. andre.

I'm a little obsessed with cheese.

Anonymous said...

Whole Grain Cheddar Goldfish.

Or possibly fresh mozzarella.


Penny said...

i dont seem to recall you asking me that question. perhaps you are making assumptions again. here's my REAL list:

-wasabi peas
-"pilfered" goods from metropolitan bakery
-pre-prepared dinners so i don't have to cook (hint, hint)
-vegan sausage
-i like what rachel said about the cheese. but i'm snobby. when i'm rich i'll buy lots of Purple Haze, Formage de Meaux, and Formage Blanc

this could go on for years, so i'm stopping now

cmoore said...

allison -- those things all go together so well! coincidence? I have a feeling I could guess robin's "one item"...

rachel -- good one! or ones, but yum. when are you cooking for me?

anonymous nathan -- did you say...whole grain? (gasp).

perrin -- and I quote, "we should have an avocado in the house at all times." your comment at RTM inspired this post. way to not answer the question of what ONE item you need, by making a list of all the food products we currently have. except the cheese, but I almost brought home some gorgonzola tonight...

melanie said...

lemons. garlic. wine.

(love this blog)

xo mel

Susan from Food Blogga said...

Olive oil. Virtually every dish I makes starts with some olive oil in a pan for sauteeing. But I don't put it on my peanut butter and banana sandwiches. That would be gross. ;)

Gina Marie said...

I second the Olive Oil comment. Also pasta. Must have garlic. If there aren't limes in the house I cry.

eahanson said...

And cocoa powder.

cmoore said...

melanie - ahhh, garlic would be my real choice if I had taken proper time to consider. lemons and wine are also great standbys. time for you to cook for me!

susan - I couldn't agree more: I think I grouped olive oil in with salt and pepper as natural must-haves :)

gina - I third the olive oil comment! (see above). also pasta, and garlic, but my citrus of choice would probably be lemons. gosh you're Italian...

e.a. - you win for the most romantic and original postings. I feel like if there's not already a poem about oranges and cocoa powder, there ought to be.

Anonymous Nathan said...

Oh yes. Whole grain. I'm eating whole grain couscous too now, that I cook myself. In veggie broth!

Be afraid.


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