Thursday, August 7


A friend recently directed me to the New York Times review of La Zucca Magica.

In sum: Inspired Italians in the ever-succulent South of France cooking voluptuous vegetarian food. A first! And decorating their restaurant with
puppets made from gourds. Another first.

From the owners: “We said ‘basta!’ to trying to pretend the slices did not come from a nice little pig.”

Basta, indeed. This makes me long for Provencal flavors and Old World markets. And...gourds...


Susan from Food Blogga said...

Just read the review--it sounds superb! We really need more upscale vegetarian restaurants.

cmoore said...

So true. I'm spoiled in San Fran -- Greens and Millennium are both renowned, and for good reason!


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