Saturday, August 2

The Note

I've always wondered how, exactly, people remember anything about wine.  Sure, I have a decent grasp of the basic tasting principles, but how on earth do you remember that '96 was a great year for the Bordeaux coming out of Chateau Quelquechose Impressive, and that it should be consumed in March of 2009?  I see gimcrack wine notebooks in every boutique-y kitchen goods store in the Bay Area, and I think I've tried to use them on two separate, ambitious occasions -- to no avail.  Perhaps that sort of resource is helpful if you frequent tasting rooms, but when I drink wine I am drinking wine and would rather not stop to dissect the experience, or memorize the production notes.  I also don't happen to frequent tasting rooms (although I do have an interview to work at one tomorrow -- wish me luck!)

Tyler Balliet at The Second Glass recently reviewed this unique solution to my conundrum: The Note, from Hinckley Cellars.  This is a clever metal device designed to help slip that curvy bottle right out of it's little label in no time flat.  Clever, or kitschy?  Maybe a little bit of both.  Instead of using The Note, Tyler takes photos of wine labels with his cell phone: I happen to find this notion nothing less than brilliant (thanks, Tyler).  But, if you're really into wine gadgets, check out the video below and get ready to fork over your $65.


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